How to Remove Pet Stains from Carpets

Aww, the cute pup…

He is just so adorable!

Moments later…


What’s that?

Not again!

We love our pets to death. But no matter how well we potty-train them, they still have their fair share of accidents—and our carpets are their most favored spot, whenever they need to throw up.

If those stains are not removed immediately, they set in, and become permanent. Or, at the very least, become hard to remove.

Your carpets look dirty and smell strange. Moreover, the emitting odor becomes a perfect breeding ground for microbes and for the pets to come again…

 “Honestly, I am not thinking about that”

So, how do we remove those urine and other pet stains from a carpet?

Let’s refer to the carpet cleaning wisdom book.

Page #1: Start with Clearing the Mess

Before you can start cleaning the mess, take steps to clear the mess. If it’s urine stains, soak them with the help of an absorbent paper. You can use a thick paper towel. Soak as much as you can by applying pressure. Work from the inside and move towards the outside. If it’s poop, scoop it up.

Clearing the mess would help ensure that no further damage is done to your carpet.

Page#2: Rinse the Affected Area

Next, you need to rinse the affected area of your carpet with cold water. But, be wary – don’t rinse it thoroughly, for the application of cold water is only meant to breakdown the stain as much as possible. Using too much water can spread the stain.

Page #3: Blot the Area

Using a soft paper, blot the rinsed area. This time you will be working from the outside and then moving towards the inside. Blotting the rinsed area will help to dry it.

The damage is now under complete control. You can now focus on cleaning the mess.

Page #4: Call in a Professional

Some homeowners may exercise DIY solution to clean the stain. This requires the knowledge of using a cleaner that effectively helps to accomplish the task. If you use a wrong type of cleaner, you may end up spreading the stain or damaging the carpet fibers.

Therefore, the wise thing to do is to all a carpet cleaning professional and let him take over the proceedings from here.

Need Professional Help?

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