Oriental Rug Cleaning, And Restoration: Why Professionals Do It Better

What are oriental rugs? Simply put, oriental rugs are exclusively those made in certain parts of Asia and are usually hand woven using natural material.

In this blog, we go over the reasons why it smarter to have any oriental rug cleaning and restoration, done by professionals as opposed to by one’s own self.

A valuable investment

What makes them so valuable and expensive to purchase is the intricate and painstaking hand weaving process that is used to make them.

A process stabilized and perfected over centuries of practice. If the rug in your home is indeed a genuine oriental item, it stands to reason that it would be an investment you would want to care for.

Not only are these rugs unique in design but also take months if not years to complete. Why risk damaging something that has so much worth by not taking proper care of it?

Experience counts

Reliable professional cleaning services are likely to provide you with a team that has extensive experience in cleaning and maintaining rugs.

This means that they will know exactly what to do and how to treat your rug to ensure that it is clean, does not start coming undone, does not lose thread and maintains the original brightness of the dyes used to color it!

The treatment such a team will provide will be specific to suit your material and type of rug best.

Equipment and specialized material

Sure, DIY has its place in all things cleaning, but when talking about a rare and expensive item like an oriental rug, you want to make sure the methods and materials you use are the best available for the job.

Only a professional would have the discretion to know exactly what cleaning fluids and chemicals are needed and are safe to use.

Professional services also employ the use of equipment you may not have access to nor need to keep in a home setting to help with particularly difficult stains and patches.

Save yourself the trouble!

Apart from the potential damage and ensuing devaluing you can cause your luxury item, DIY rug maintenance is not just unreliable but also time and resource consuming. If you are looking for professional rug and carpet cleaning services, check out your options online to see what works best.

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