Nosebleeds and Unfortunate Falls – Removing Dried Blood Stains from Your Carpet

Why on earth would a respectable member of society need to know about removing blood stains be it wet or dried from a carpet?! Well, you don’t need to be someone out of a Hitchcock film to end up with blood on your carpet!

Anyone who has children for starters might be familiar with the site of one of the little ones running in panicked due to a nose bleed that occurred while playing in the sun, dribbling blood all over the carpet as they enter.

Though nosebleeds may also occur in adults, a likely kitchen accident might result in a particularly nasty finger gash that bleeds profusely and likely drips all over the place on your way to the first aid kit down the hall.

The thing is, once these accidents do occur, is it off to the carpet cleaners or is there any damage control one can do before calling in the cavalry?

Cold water

The most simple and common method is by using cold water. As a rule, hot water works well to kill some bacteria but for stain removal, it is cold water you want. Before the blood fully clots, put some cold water in a spray bottle, spray the area where the wet blood stain is and dab the soaked spot with a dry tissue or towel. Repeat the process as many times as you need to.

Throw in some cleaner!

Sometimes cold water alone just isn’t enough and you need to throw in a little bit of fabric washing detergent in the mix to facilitate the cleaning process.

The method is basically identical to the one mentioned above except you spray the area with water mixed with detergent and once the stain fades, dab it a few times with just water for good measure.

Better living through chemistry

Yes, there is a science to stain removal and according to this science, one of the most effective ways to attack bloodstains, wet or dry is by using a chemical compound known as Hydrogen Peroxide.

To make a long very technical story short, hydrogen peroxide works by breaking down the blood on a molecular level hence almost extracting it from your carpet fabric!

You can purchase hydrogen peroxide at most stores and chemists and there are also soaps and detergents available containing it. Do remember however that certain organic dye might react to hydrogen peroxide and run so just be sure that it is safe to use on your particular carpet!

Another scientific advantage is the use of detergent containing enzymes. Enzymes are catalysts that help facilitate other reactions, in this case the breakdown and extraction of a particular stain from carpet fabric!

Call in the cavalry!

If you’re stuck with a stain too stubborn and you have tried every possible DIY solution, don’t feel bad.

There are reliable cleaning service providers out there who will not just help you with carpets but with pretty much everything in the space you wish to tidy up! If you debate the benefits of steam cleaning, a good service provider will likely have other options!

We are a trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning service and use cleaning methods that are environmentally-friendly with no harsh chemicals. Our services are available in Camarillo, Oxnard and other areas in Ventura County, CA.

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