Granite Countertops in the Kitchen? Restore Their Appeal!

When it comes to your kitchen, one of the main factors to consider in terms of interior décor and construction are the countertops.

Not only do they need to look good, they need to be a practical option that allows you to carry out all the culinary tasks a kitchen is for.

Investing in granite countertops is an excellent option, bringing many merits with it to the table. They look good, they are practical, affordable, and add value to your home.

Why Granite Countertops?

What’s so great about granite countertops? There’s not just the fact that they present a wonderful aesthetic appeal to your kitchen, and work to make your space sophisticated and inviting; it is actually quite the durable option, as they are heat resistant, scratch resistant, and even fairly resistant to staining.

You can put a hot pan on the countertop and still get away with it! Due to the high level of hardness, scratches aren’t easy to make, meaning you don’t have to worry about unseemly cracks and nicks.

With the proper sealing and treatment, your granite countertop can be almost entirely resistant to stains. If it is a more porous stone, it will need a number of coats of sealer to be considered as stain resistant.

They come available in a number of patterns and colors. These are not unlimited, given the fact that it is a natural stone, but you do get a bit of variety when it comes to the range available to you.

Taking Care of Granite

Just because it is quite the durable stone doesn’t mean you shouldn’t take the necessary care to keep it well-maintained.

Any spills you make on granite countertop need to be immediately blotted and cleaned up. There is the possibility of a stain forming if this is not done in a timely fashion. In order to prevent stains from the bottom of glasses and mugs, make sure you incorporate the use of coasters on the countertops.

When cutting up food, it’s a good idea not to do it directly on the granite. Yes, it likely won’t scratch as such, but it can leave behind residue and unseemly marks.

When it comes to keeping the countertops clean, stay away from cleaning supplies that are too abrasive or acidic. Products like bleach or vinegar run the risk of causing the sealant to deteriorate and make the countertops vulnerable to stains and other damage.

Invest in a Professional!

If your granite countertops are in need of repair or restoration, it’s essential to turn to a professional in this regard.

While it’s rare for granite counters to take damage, it is very normal for them to lose their shine over time. Dirt, residue, and stains can seep into the material, and make it lose its appeal.

At Aroma Fresh Chem-Dry, we offer customers a granite renewal treatment that will have their countertops looking as good as new again! We make use of green cleaning methods in the granite renewal process, removing the dirt and grime and resealing the surface to help restore its sheen.

We also offer commercial and residential carpet cleaning and upholstery cleaning. Contact us at 805-200-9196 to avail our services—your countertops will be looking brand new in no time at all!

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