The Bountiful Benefits of Chem-Dry Cleaning Carpets

Chem-dry cleaning, is a process that employs the use of heated chemicals to achieve a drier cleaning process. Many argue the benefits of steam cleaning carpets as this process is used extensively.

Whether it is wine patches from your last house party or removing dried blood stains from carpets after one of the kids has a nose bleed, we decided to share some of the benefits of this newer more efficient method to enlighten our readers a little on what is most efficient in removing difficult carpet stains and why.

Far more effective

Chem-dry cleaning employs the use of carbonation. Heated carbon particles can reach and affect spaces far smaller and finer (we’re talking on a microscopic level here) than conventional steam cleaning.

The carbonation process helps with the extraction of miniscule dirt particles. This process allows for better results when it comes to stain removal and ensures the elimination of a number of bacterium that may sometimes survive a regular steam cleaning only to re-multiply.

Healthier and more eco friendly

Due to reliance on carbonation, chem-dry cleaning does not employ the use of various detergents and toxic cleaning agents used when cleaning carpets and upholsteries via conventional methods. Apart from this, the process also uses 80% less water, something to really take into account bearing in mind our current global environmental crisis.

More hygienic

Not only does the process serve to kill bacteria and disinfect material it is used on, it also due to the largely dry procedure protects materials from mold that sometimes grows, following a wet cleaning.

Mold and other microscopic growth can cause sickness and allergies and chem-dry cleaning plays an active part in preventing this.

Quicker better work

Forget the reduced use of chemical agents and the massive water saving. Even if you think about it strictly from the standpoint of a service receiver, the chem-dry process is a lot quicker than conventional methods as well as far better at efficient and complete stain removal.

In short, you get better cleaning done and it gets done way faster!

Long Story Short

There is no question about the numerous advantages chem-dry cleaning holds from the standpoint of cleanliness, health and the environment! This process has been tried, tested and proven to be the most effective and efficient method of cleaning larger surfaces today. To make the best of available services, make sure you reach out to a reliable service provider!

We are a trusted carpet and upholstery cleaning service and use cleaning methods that are environmentally-friendly with no harsh chemicals. Our services are available in areas of California including Ventura County.

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